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Complete tree and landscape service Tree and plant pruning, analysis and diagnosis Systemic soil injections for nutrient insect and disease control Treatment for drought and beetle control Mulch, fertilization, firewood (hardwood, split and delivered) Onsite quotations by professionally trained and certified arborists.

Arborist Arms Tree Co.

Arborist Arms Tree Company
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Len and Elizabeth are co-owners of the company. They've been in the industry for 35 years servicing the Denver Metro area. Len has a degree in Horticulture & is a certified Arborist. Elizabeth is the office manager for the company.

Established in 1984

At Arborist Arms Tree Company in Littleton, CO, we have worked for the health, beauty, value and preservation of trees and plants since 1984. We are a residential and commercial landscaping and tree service company serving Denver and the Front Range. We provide effective and beneficial treatments for your plants and trees with expert care and techniques. Our complete landscaping and tree services are environmentally friendly and sustainable and involve a licensed and certified arborist.

Arborist Arms Tree Co.


Arborist Arms Tree Co.

This is an excellent tree service company. Quotes are given in a timely fashion and service is always prompt. The people you deal with are very friendly and cooperative. I have used them for 30 years. They are excellent. When we had severe thunderstorms, they came same day or next to clear out broken limbs, etc. They always let me know when they are coming to do spraying or root feeding of trees. I always receive a slip telling me when they were there and what they did. I would never use another tree company besides Arborist Arms. The people who answer the phone and take information are lovely & very helpful.

Pat A.

Arborist Arms Tree Co.

I have had Arborist Arms Tree Company care for our trees for 20 years. I have always been extremely pleased with their work and prices.

Their arborist Len is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with, recommending only care that needs attention. The crew has been amazing. Jamie and his guys take incredible attention to detail making sure that everything looks perfect and their cleanup is impeccable! Elizabeth in the office is wonderful. I have had the pleasure of speaking to her multiple times over the years. She makes doing company with their business a breeze.

On two different occasions, we experienced storm damage. Both times AA crew was out the next day to take care of our issues. As a regular customer, they made sure I was a priority.

I have recommended AA to several of my neighbors who have now started using Arborist Arms to care for their trees & couldn’t be more pleased.

If you want expert care for your trees at a fair price, I would highly recommend Arborist Arms Tree Company!

Christoph B.

Arborist Arms Tree Co.

We have been very satisfied with Arborist Arms for a number of years. We would recommend them to anyone! They are very reliable and always clean up whenever they come and do work. We have never had any complaints.

Roger C.


I have been nothing but pleased with the professionalism and work quality of Arborist Arms Tree Co. I had some diseased Pines a few years back, and thanks to their knowledgeable arborist, the pines and all trees/shrubs on our property are disease free and flourishing.  They always show up for scheduled appointments, complete the work as promised, all with no hidden fees or surprise. The customer service is great and makes for a pleasant experience doing business with them. I recommend them for all your tree needs. 

Bev O.


Arborist Arms is a truly wonderful company, and we recommend them to everyone. They have trimmed and designed our trees and junipers for several years. Also they have done a great job with tree removal.

Len and Elizabeth are extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful & helpful. Their works and staff are excellent. Their work is excellent as well, and their prices are more than fair. 

Great company- great people!

Rick & Sue F.


I have used Arborist Arms Tree Service for the past 27+ years. My father instilled in me the absolute necessity, as a homeowner, to take care of your trees. They are an essential part of your property value. I have two silver maples in my back yard which provide wonderful shade for my deck. I have made it clear to Len, the owner of AA, that these trees are the "soul" of this property and nothing is ever to endanger them. He totally agrees. The service, maintenance, and performance of AA has been excellent. Can't recommend them highly enough. You will be pleased.

John S.


I trust Arborist Arms Tree Company to propose & perform expert work on my yard and trees. I have used Arborist Arms for years, and my trees always look beautiful and healthy after they visit. From arborists, to trimmers, to office staff, they care about what they do. 

Arborist Arms Tree Company is reliable and knowledgeable, and I recommend them with confidence.

Monica G.


We were so very pleased with all of the guys who worked here with us on our trimming. We value our gardens highly, so it's especially nice to have services performed by competent, friendly, hard-working trimmers. Thank you for hiring what we now consider to be the very best.

Actually, we tried to catch the guys after they finished to give them each a nice tip-- both for their great quality of work, but also for the fun it was for us to visit with them individually (hopefully, not to the detriment of the time left to do other work in their day). Unfortunately, we missed getting back out in time, so if they are anywhere near our area, please let them know we'd still like to hand that to them. We can come by where they are or they here.

Vickie D. & Myrna W.


We have used the services of Arborist Arms for many years. They have maintained the health of our 3 large ash trees through preventive treatments (extremely important due to the known threat of the emerald ash borer), trimming services, and storm damage recovery. My wife appreciates that she often speaks with an owner when making appointments. It is easy to request a trained arborist to come over and provide a free evaluation of the trees and recommended trimming options. Their employees are amazing to watch as they climb high into the upper limbs. Everyone is extremely talented, friendly, and willing to discuss the activities in progress. Once trimming is completed everything is cleaned up and removed. If you enjoy your trees and wish to keep them healthy, you would do well to consider the services this company can offer.

Craig & Kathy S.


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